Real Estate Packages
25% Off Fall Promo!
Valid Until Nov 1st

My packages are designed to accommodate for all of your modern posting needs.
Short form vertical video is being rewarded on all social platforms. So I've focused my packages toward it. To drive more growth and exposure to you and your clients.
Each Package Includes:
1  - Full Length Walkthrough Video, Delivered Widescreen 16x9, and Vertical 9x16
1  - Short Highlight Video (10-15 Seconds), Delivered Vertically
5  - Individual Hero Shots, Delivered Vertically

Less Than 2000 Square Feet
Walkthrough Video - $300 (Now $225)
Walkthrough Video + Drone - $450 (Now $337.50)

2000 Square Feet and Up
Walkthrough Video - $400 (Now $300)
Walkthrough Video + Drone - $550 (Now $412.50)

72 Hour Delivery
For Booking and All Other Inquiries
Including Branded Content, Weddings, Youtube Partnerships, Etc.

Please contact me via email at: